January 28th

The partial government shutdown is temporarily over. A bill was passed that re-funded the starved quarter of the government until February 15th. The president also signed a bill promising back pay for the federal employees who have been working without paychecks during the shutdown. The back pay bill doesn't help government contractors however, which are a large part of its workforce.






The Alachua county fairgrounds is hosting the Hoggetowne Medieval Fair! If you didn't go last weekend you have another chance this Friday though Sunday. After this weekend, the event is over.



A man in Ocala went salvaging for metals in the river when he discovered an old hand grenade from the second world war. he tossed it in a bucket, drove to a Taco Bell parking lot and called the police. It WAS the responsible thing to do, calling the police, but the police don't play around with potential explosives and the Taco Bell was evacuated. The bomb squad left to destroy the grenade someplace safe.



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