Garth Brooks

Callin' Baton Rouge

January 25th

So 12 counties here in North Central Florida have reportedly joined together to try and solve a problem with Valdosta. Whenever it rains a bunch up there, the sewage plant in the city overflows into the river. That gross water gets into our rivers and that's gross. Some commissioners on the team reportedly said they are trying to avoid a lawsuit, and they also think that its the cities infrastructure, not the plant itself, that is causing the issue.


If you receive food stamps, the government is encouraging you to be as efficient as possible with your purchases. If the partial shutdown continues, the funds for food stamps will be about 2 billion dollars short of its normal 5-ish billion in disbursements. This could effect the amount of aid you receive.


We're ending the top three on a grim note today. More information about the shooting in South Florida that left 5 people dead in the SunTrust bank a few days ago. The 5 victims were reportedly all women, and were shot in the back of the head and torso. They were found facedown. The suspect faces 5 first degree murder charges.

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