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January 23rd

9 months from now, the age to buy tobacco products and nicotine devices like e-cigarettes in Alachua county will be going up. The city passed an ordinance yesterday raising the minimum to 21. People under the age of 21 can still smoke, but they cant purchase. The municipalities, basically the cities, in the county can chose to opt out of the rule.


Tuesday's commission meeting also confirmed Alachua County's stance on ending prison labor for city projects. That contract will reportedly be transformed into 27 full time jobs, but will increase the cost of labor from $500000 to around a million dollars.


John Morgan, the famous lawyer and political activist out of Orlando, is pushing for a higher Florida minimum wage. He wants to increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2021 and raise it by a dollar yearly to $15 an hour. He claims to have gotten 120000 signatures, which is more than enough to get the supreme court's attention and move it along the path to getting the proposal on the ballot. Opponents of the bill worry that the increase in wages would put too much strain on businesses and end up losing jobs in the economy. Morgan says it will combat wage inequality and take some of the burden off taxpayers who already help low income people pay for bills like food and childcare.


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