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God Blessed Texas

January 22nd

January is blood donor month, so if you have the extra vitality maybe use this as your excuse to go out and give blood. The Red cross says that 1 donation can save 3 lives and every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood. That's 43000 people a day.


Down in South Florida a pair of beach-goers stared intently at the super blood moon a few days ago. What they didn't notice, at least until it was too late, was that the tide was stealing their car. They couldn't get it back until yesterday morning, and it likely lost a considerable portion of its resale value.


Police say a pair of Floridians were lying in a dark road, likely staring at the blood moon. Unfortunately it being dark and them lying flat on their backs they got hit by an officers patrol car. Fortunately, the police say the car was only creeping along at around 5 miles per hour and the pair were taken to the hospital for non life threatening injuries.


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