January 21st

A man from Gainesville went down to Miami and rented a room through Airbnb. Pretty normal. What wasn't normal is that he reportedly found out the that the room was bugged with hidden cameras. They looked like phone chargers. Airbnb said they refunded his reservation and blacklisted the person renting out the room.




The horse Teddy Bear Highway, celebrity and struggler, is doing better. He's had a brutal time recently. He was abandoned after falling out of a trailer and injured horribly. Highway was then rescued and had to go 2 surgeries, 1 of which he reportedly only had a 5% chance of surviving. The community has done a great deal to raise money to save Highway, and hopefully this tough horse will pull through.


Down at depot park this Sunday you can sit at a really, really long table. The “Longest Table” event will take place from 4 to 6 and you can chat with your neighbors about the city. Plus there will be a movie in the park afterward. Attendees are asked to bring a non perishable food item to donate to the Bread of the Mighty food bank. The event is free but you need to register. Registration ends today!



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