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January 20th - a Bad Dentist, a Bad Robber, and a Bad Tow Company


A dentist in Alaska was recently convicted on dozens of different charges, one of which was performing a dental procedure while on a hoverboard. The patient was sedated at the time. He also videotaped it and sent the video to a couple people. Not the brightest. He also was also charged with defrauding insurance companies.




Not to be outdone, A man in Florida shoplifted from a Walmart in Polk County while wearing wheeled glidey shoes. This 10,000 IQ thief knew that so long as his feet never touched the floor, the security cameras would never see him. Except they did.

Sun Sentinel



If you learn from others, you can learn like.... at least twice as fast. Maybe more. A man in Gainesville got his car booted after his parking pass fell of his windshield. When he challenged the ticket, the police said they couldn't help and, suprise-suprise, the towing company could not find a single care to give. Now 80 dollars poorer, I imagine our tragic hero now keeps scotch tape in his glove box. And so should you.


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