January 18th

Starting August 1st there will be no more Styrofoam containers and plastic bags in Gainesville. The Gainesville City Commission unanimously gave final approval to the ban yesterday. There are some exceptions like laundry bags and the little plastic bags you use in the fresh produce area of grocery stores.




A peeping tom in South Florida picked the wrong window to be a creep. The accused man was reportedly caught with his pants quite literally down by Tony Beckham, a former NFL cornerback. And the girl he was creeping on was Tony's teenage daughter. Needless to say the accused was pretty bruised and bloody by the time the police got there.




A man in Flagler county left a note for the police who he knew had a warrant and were coming for him. Written on a mattress leaning upright near the front door was basically, “I'm not here. I'm finishing a job then turning myself in.” Police were not deterred by his written statement, and a lady let them into the house. They found him hiding in something kinda like a cupboard. He was arrested on several charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.



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