January 15th

Thursday's Gainesville Commission meeting could spell the end for styrofoam containers and certain kinds of plastic bags in the city. There are exceptions in the proposed rule, bags for laundry and meat packaging are two examples. The rule could result in a legal fight with the state, because the state legislature technically prohibits local governments from enacting plastic bag bans. Though the town of Coral Gables has already enacted a similar ban.






2 people have been charged with a total of 37 misdemeanors and 4 felony counts of animal cruelty over the big horse cruelty bust in Lake Butler last October. Another man is being charged with a single felony count. The pair were reportedly running a fake horse rescue where around 50 horses were found in various states of neglect.










The bodies of 3 children ages 6 and under were found in an unplugged chest freezer. Police say the kids were playing in the yard when the adult that was watching them stepped inside to use the restroom. The kids were gone when she went back out, so she and another woman searched for them but were too late. The police think the kids climbed in and got locked inside. As of right now foul play isn't suspected.





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