Travis Tritt


January 14th

I’ve got some bad news for everyone hoping to score with Tim Tebow. He recently proposed to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters a former Mrs. Universe Contest winner.

An unusual number of cattle have been dying recently, and Florida officials are investigating a brand of feed. It’s called Producer’s Pride 20% All Natural Cattle Cube with the lot code 8DEC22MUL2. Tractor supply has issued a voluntary recall and so has the manufacturer Purina Animal Nutrition. However, officials aren’t sure if that feed is the cause

In an act of weapons grade stupid, a teenager up in Utah drove blindfolded and hit another car. She was doing “The Bird Box Challenge” which is a reference to the Netflix movie Bird Box. You’re supposed to try and do things blindfolded. I guess every silly challenge can be made dangerous if you mix in motor vehicles.

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