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January 13th - Texas Scam, ATM Robbery, and Police Drones


A school in Texas reportedly got taken for over $2 million dollars in an email scam. Similar to what happened in Ocala, a group pretended to be a legitimate contractor and got the school to pay them instead of who they were supposed to. The police aren't going too deeply into specifics about what happened.




Someone tried, and succeeded, in getting into an ATM in South Florida using explosives. They reportedly painted over the security camera lenses before detonating the bomb. Some similar cases have happened in the same area the past few months, so it's possible that it's a single robber or a group of robbers responsible for all of them.



A bill in the Florida legislature would expand the police's ability to use drones in law enforcement. Drones would be allowed to collect information at crime and crash scenes, at events with more than 50 people, and for traffic management.



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