January 11th

Look to the skies just after midnight on the 21st. Headlines are calling it the Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, which I've decided will be the name for my heavy metal band if I ever make one. The moon will turn a copper color, and be pretty large in the sky.



See, most people try to break OUT of police stations, but a woman down in South Florida is accused of doing the opposite. She allegedly smashed a window, stole food from the fridge, ate some of the food, then snuck out. It likely wasn't very hard to find out who did it. Police say she left her wallet and ID behind and also got caught on camera.



Gainesville Fire Rescue saved a construction worker who fell into a 10 ft deep hole and was buried under a foot or two of earth. GFR says The man was unconscious but still breathing when the rescue crew found him. He was awake when they sent him to the hospital. Why he fell down there in the first place is so far unknown.


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