Martina Mcbride

This One's For The Girls

January 10th

Ichetucknee Springs State park has closed the river for tubing, kayaking, and canoeing because of a blockage caused by some fallen trees. You can still go to the park and swim though. Park officials hope to have it all cleaned up by this weekend, but they may not be able too.

Police down in Miami Beach made a move to get around Florida's law on banning the use of drones in police surveillance. Instead, they bought a small blimp. Weather this violates the law hasn't been made clear yet. The police department say they want to use the blimp to monitor crowds at events.

So we talked yesterday about the government shutdown preventing some Santa Fe students from getting their loans. The fed recently announced that they would accept written statements of not filing taxes and copies of tax returns (rather than needing original tax documents). This should hopefully help some of those students out.

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