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February 8th

Governor Ron Desantis reportedly wants to ask the legislature to make changes to Florida's Best and Brightest Teacher's program and dole out over $420 million in bonuses. Currently, the teacher's SAT and ACT scores they used to get in college affect their bonuses and the governor wants to do away with that. Teachers will still be awarded based on merit. The plan would roughly double the current expenditures on bonuses.


A recent study from UF shows that being skinny is sometimes not enough to be healthy. A researcher for UF pointed out that just under a third of healthy adults have a higher than average risk of developing health issues. Exercise is crucial.


GRU is losing money, and it's possible we'll be looking at another rate increase. An advisory firm did a study that said GRU would need to do a 4% increase on electric rates, 5% on wastewater, and 1% for water for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The study also outlined the need for more increases over the next few years.

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