Vince Gill

I Still Belive In You

February 7th

If you live in Williston and its been smelling strange these last few days, you aren't crazy. Its probably coming from either the wastewater treatment plant, or a pulpwood plant in Palatka. Or both. City officials say they are working on fixing the problem.


A 20 ft wooden cross washed up on the beach in Ft Lauderdale last weekend. Where it came from, nobody knows, but it was in the water long enough to get covered with barnacles. It reportedly took 2 ATV's and 7 people to get it off the shore.


A new report by United Way shows that around half of the people in Alachua County struggle pay for all the things they need to survive in the community. That number has increased by 4 percent since 2017 when the last report was done, so things got worse. Columbia, Marion, Dixie and other counties in the area have similar numbers of struggling people.

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