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Gimmie That Girl

February 6th

A man in Colorado just won every bar argument he will ever be in for the next long while. While jogging on a trail he was attacked by a mountian lion. He proceeded to fight the lion with his bare hands and whatever he had around him, eventually strangling it to death. The man was injured pretty seriously in the fight


I've an easy excuse for if you have been getting lost. Magnetic north has been changing a lot since the 90's and early 2000's, and moves because the earth's core has fluid properties. Magnetic north seems to be headed towards Siberia and scientists were behind on updating their models. Its not REALLY an excuse to get lost, unless you go grocery shopping in the arctic, but go ahead and use it anyways.


An appellate court recently approved a new exploratory oil drilling operation in the Everglades. Kanter real estate says that there is just over a 20% chance of finding between 180,000 and 10 million barrels of oil at the location. Opponents worry about the ecological impact of the drilling and the porous nature of Florida limerock. Proponents argue that the land was already beat up ecologically and is isolated enough.

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