February 6th - Kirk Douglas, a Casino Scam, and a New Park


Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas passed away Wednesday. He acted in films for decades and was known for playing the tough guy. Apparently his tough-guy act wasn't just for show. Kirk lived to be 103 years old, and survived a stroke in 1996.




4 pairs of husbands and wives were arrested for defrauding a casino out of $5.2 million dollars. The men allegedly worked at the casino and modified the electronic games to spit out winning vouchers. They would then use a go-between to cash in the tickets for cash. Their wives worked to hide and launder the money. It would make for a good movie plot.




Gainesville has a new park for the public to visit. Reserve Park is at 700 11th street and was an old Army Reserve site. There is a big bald eagle statue near the front entrance.


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