February 4th - Trapped Migrants, a Sex-Change Bill, and a Closing Store Chain


Police found 36 migrants trapped beneath the hauling bed of a dump truck that had been towed to an impound lot. They were being smuggled in a secret compartment that was beneath a mountain of gravel. Presumably when the truck broke down, whoever was driving it just left them trapped there.




House Bill 1365 would imprison doctors who perform sex-change procedures on people under the age of 18. This includes surgeries, hormonal treatments, and other medical treatments. The penalty would be 15 years. Current law allows for children 12 and older to participate in the procedure. SB 1864 is the same kind of bill in the Senate.

Senate Website, WEAR, ABC



Another grocery store is closing up shop. Earth Fare is closing all of its locations, including the one in Ocala. The one in Gainesville shut down sometime last month. The chain had 50 stores in 10 states.


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