February 27th

If you're an eccentric millionaire who's also a fan of local racing you can purchase the North Florida Speedway. The owners are reportedly selling everything up to and including the kitchen sink for 800 grand.



If you've begun planning your summertime vacation, TripAdvisor recently released a list of best beaches to visit. Florida has a ton of them, with Clearwater being at the top and Panama City, St Pete, and Pensacola also really high up there. Truthfully its so warm in the wintertime that you don't even need to wait until the summer to go.




Golf is probably the only game where deadly wildlife can interfere with play. Last weekend a lady in Florida was playing some golf when she shanked a shot towards a water hazard, and from the water a prehistoric death lizard lept up and snatched the ball out of the air. The alligator did her a favor though, because she got a free drop from the interference.


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