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February 25th

A federal judge out of Texas has set a legal precedent that could spell big changes to the military. The judge ruled that the draft only including men is unconstitutional. Now, this doesn’t mean that ladies are expected to go sign up for selective service right away or even soon. The ruling didn’t order the government to alter the law to make it constitutional, so what will change and when is to be determined.

The mars rover Curiosity ran into trouble a bit over a week ago. The little guy had an error while booting up on the 15th, and went into a safe mode. It has since been restored successfully. Just a few days prior NASA declared the rover Opportunity dead after 15 years on Mars.

A small plane crashed into a home in Polk county over the weekend. Pictures show the plane almost standing on its nose, like it had crashed through the ceiling. No one in the home was killed, but one of the pilots died.

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