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February 22nd

There is an accused renegade mayor down in Port Richey. Not New Port Richey, which is a different city despite being right next to Port Richey. Dale Massad allegedly shot at a SWAT team while they were raiding his home after an investigation from practicing medicine without a license. Officials say they used the SWAT team because they knew he had guns and used drugs. Massad was reportedly also recently arrested for domestic violence.

Some unpleasant person left a dead cat in a garbage bag on the hood of someones car a few weeks ago, and Alachua County Animal Services wants to know who did it. The woman caught on video is likely a young white lady that’s about 5 ft 6 and a 110 pounds. The incident happened on Feb 5th in the parking garage at 1500 NW 4th Ave in College Park in Gainesville.


If you’re still waiting for your tax return, you aren’t alone. The IRS is super backed up from the shutdown and were already behind before the shutdown. The workers reportedly returned to the grind to find a pile of about 5 million un-sorted pieces of mail waiting for them.

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