Carrie Underwood

Two Black Cadillacs

February 21st

Alachua County's fair could be seeing some changes this year. The county is butting heads with the Alachua County Fair Association over debts and accounting issues, so as of right now the county is having the Newberry Watermelon Festival people run the fair. The ACFA's coordinator reportedly disputes the issues with the county but still wants to keep the partnership. The ACFA also reportedly said that they would hold a fair even without assistance from the county, so maybe that means 2 fairs?


Wallethub is out with another ranking, and this one is about sin. Florida was assigned the number 2 spot in a list of the most sinful states. The states were ranked using statistical data that could fall under a deadly sin. Things like time spent on adult websites, theft, and beauty salons per capita. We got #1 for jealousy but only #25 for anger.


Check up on your older loved ones. A CNA in Gainesville was charged recently with stealing 18 grand from a 71 year old lady she was taking care of. The CNA allegedly stole the woman's bank card and wrote checks from her checkbook.

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