Jo Dee Messina

Stand Beside Me

February 20th

Police in Jacksonville beach had a confrontation with a homeless man who was walking around with a 7ish foot long diamondback rattlesnake in his arms. They convinced the man to put the snake in the backseat of the patrol car, and wildlife officials came to relocate it. The man reportedly wont be charged with any crimes, though I'd say he's probably too powerful for the justice system to handle anyways.


Several thousand people have signed on online petition to sell Montana to Canada for a trillion dollars to help settle our national debt. Problem is, our national debt is like 22 trillion dollars. And is Montana REALLY worth a whole trillion dollars.


A man in Gainesville was arrested a few days ago for driving a stolen vehicle that he reportedly said only cost him 40 dollars. Either the man is lying and fell a bit flat footed when coming up with his alibi, or he's telling the truth and should question why his friends are selling him $40 cars.

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