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February 19th

A 11-year-old down in Lakeland was arrested for causing a disturbance in his classroom that started with him refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. The substitute who was in charge of the class reportedly said that the kid didn't participate because he felt the anthem and flag were racist. The substitute also didn't know that you aren't required to say the pledge in schools. The SRO was called over the issue, and officials say the kid refused to leave the classroom and caused a scene, then was arrested. The substitute isn't allowed to work in that district anymore


A public service announcement. Gainesville asks that you stop flushing things into the pipes that you aren't supposed to. Its breaking the pipes. Officials say that over half of overflows from sewage pipes come from congealed grease that residents pour down their sinks. Q tips, feminine products, and other things get stuck in the grease and make blockages.


If you didn't look at the sky last night, you really should tonight. A super moon is hanging in the sky. Its about 15% bigger and 30% brighter then a normal full moon. Does that make retail customers more demanding, kids misbehave, hospital patients act crazy, and werewolves stronger? I chose to believe so

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