Kenny Chesney

Somewhere With You (Single Edit)

February 15th

Today's theme for the top 3 is crime news. The Bojangles on Archer road was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday at 11pm. The only description of the robbers was that they were male and the cloths they were wearing.


A pair were driving around Daytona beach when they saw a man pop open the trunk of the car in front of them. He was bound with tape, and the pair followed the car to the parking lot of a Walgreen's. The bound man lept from the trunk, and the car sped off. The perusing pair helped him out of his restrains. He reportedly said he had been kidnapped by a friend who he owed money to. Police suspect it was drug related, at least partially because hospital staff found a bag of cocaine in his underwear.


A man down in Lake Worth was caught on a home surveillance camera licking parts of someones doorbell. Apparently there was also some message he was trying to convey because afterward he started pointing at a stack of magazines? Newspapers? Something like that. His face was all covered in drool, which was just.... extra gross.... Apparently something like this happened in California last month as well.

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