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February 13th

Tax refunds are down about 8 ½% overall, so you may not be seeing as much money infused into your bank account as you had hoped. Its caused by a complicated series of changes, I'm not a tax professional, and my stories are limited to like 3 or 4 sentences. Basically the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed a ton of different things related to tax credits, exemptions, and withholdings


Bills to allow for smokable medical marijuana here in Florida are working their way through the legislature. Smokable medical was banned by lawnmakers a few years ago, a judge struck down the ban, and it was appealed by Rick Scott's people. Governer DeSantis said that if the legislature doesn't come up with a plan to allow for smokables he would drop the state's appeal which would de-facto allow for smokeable medical marijuana.


Another bit of news from the Florida's government. More of Florida's teachers could be allowed to be armed. A bill just passed the Senate Education Committee that would expand the guardian program to include teachers that dont have other outside duties, like coaching sports. It would also mandate monitoring software on school computers given to students and outlines other more stringent guidelines for student mental health care and safety.

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