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December 4th - Unclaimed Lottery, a Claimed Ring, and the 2nd Amendment


Somebody in Arizona missed out on 5 human lifetimes worth of money. A $15 million dollar lottery ticket went unclaimed and expired. While this is a tragic story, whats more interesting is some of the supplemental facts in the article. Apparently almost $3 billion in winnings went unclaimed between June '16 and June '17. 167 prizes over $1 million in about that same time frame.




All the luck from our lottery ticket loser must have transferred into this guy. Kenneth lost his school ring on coco beach in 1970, 50 years ago, had the ring found by a metal detector guy recently on a beach 20 miles away. Not only that, but the gentleman decided to do some research using the initials on the ring and the graduation date to find Kenneth and return it to him.




I don't have a segue for this story. This is just something that happened. Levy has joined Marion, Lake, Bradford, Suwanee, and Clay counties in declaring themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuary cities. Taking a preemptive stance of siding with gun owners.


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