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December 28th

More transparency with hospital pricing is coming at the start of the new year. A federal rule is requiring that hospitals post the base price of their services online on a downloadable spreadsheet. Hospitals already had to have a public price list, but the new rule should make it easier to find. However, the price you see may still not be the price you pay. Insurance companies still have the power to negotiate for different rates.


It was Little Caesars in Lake City a few weeks ago, and yesterday it was Jason's Deli in Gainesville. A vehicle slammed through their front doors yesterday afternoon. Two people were sent to the hospital. The driver reportedly accelerated when he was trying to reverse after getting stuck on the parking bumper.


Police in Collier County had to deal with an unusual situation last Saturday. A woman allegedly robbed a mail truck with a fake gun and made the man give her one of the packages in the back. She was found riding a tricycle with her toy gun, and she told the police that she thought she was god and was being controlled by voices in her head. She was arrested, and the postman got the package back.

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