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December 27th

Yesterday, Colin O'Brady from Oregon was the first person to cross Antarctica without any help. He traveled through over 900 miles of frozen wasteland in around 54 days. Even crazier, he did the last 78 miles in one long 32 hour march. He also documented his whole journey on Instagram.


An interesting animal story has been trending recently. There is a dog at the Poodle and Pooch Animal Rescue in Orange County named Sniffles and he has no nose. He had a hard life, but fortunately the rescues website says that they have lots of people who want to take him in. The organization rehabilitates a lot of disabled and senior dogs.


Marion County's Baseline Landfill should be all filled up with 4 million tons of garbage by sometime next year. Garbage will be shipped to a landfill in Sumter County. The director of Marion County Solid Waste says that the waste assessment fee shouldn't change, but that he cant predict precisely what costs will be. (Waste Management Plan)

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