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December 21st

A new hunting record has been set for an invasive species here in Florida. A hunter captured a Burmese Python, at 18 feet long and weighing in at 150 pounds, by grabbing its head and letting it twist around his legs. His battle plan worked, the snake got tired out and didn't crush any of his organs. He then stuffed in a bag and it was later euthanized by FWC officials.





A spooky and unsettling story from Union County. Police responded to a car crash on state road 238 when they saw another wrecked vehicle about a hundred feet away that couldn't be seen from the road. Except, this vehicle had been reported stolen more than a year ago, and inside were skeletal remains who police assume belonged to the person who stole the car.



9 people in the area have been arrested recently and accused of bear beating. They would lure bears with drums of treats and then chase the bear up a tree with packs of dogs. When the bear eventually come down, the dogs would tear into it. Horribly. The accused would post videos on social media.


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