Garth Brooks

The Thunder Rolls

December 18th

A new food recall has been recently announced. A couple of different kinds of “Eat Smart Single Serve Salad Shake Ups” have been recalled by the manufacturer because a sample was found to have Listeria. Florida was one of the places they were distributed to.


Science news! A new icy thing has been found 11 billion miles from earth, which is so the farthest away thing we've seen in our solar system. It's nickname is “Farout” which is fitting. To put 11 billion miles in perspective, if you drove around the earth at the equator 200000 times then laid that distance out in a line, you would be less than halfway to “Farout”.


More science news! Maybe in the near future your navigator app wont get confused in dense roadways. NASA just put a satellite made at UF into space. It will hopefully help make GPS satellites more accurate by timing them up with atomic clocks and lasers rather than radio waves.

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