Kenny Chesney

When The Sun Goes Down

August 9th - Rubber Ducks, Hurricanes, and a Sinkhole Cleanup

63000 rubber ducks were dumped into the Chicago river to raise money for charity. Well, 63,133. Apparently some poor sap had to count them. All that counting was for a noble cause because the event raised over $400,000 for the Illinois Special Olympics.


This hurricane season might be more intense than anticipated. Officials are expecting a few extra named storms compared to a normal season. We’re looking at 10 to 17. The El Nino weather pattern in the Pacific has gone away, and that means better conditions for storms to form here in the Atlantic.


In local news that is both good to hear and upsetting that it had to happen, a literal ton of garbage was pulled out of a sinkhole in Alachua County. 9 volunteers working with the non-profit Current Problems spent hours over the summer hauling peoples trash out of the aquifer. The director says there is more work to be done, and they found stuff in there from 50 years ago.


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