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August 30th - A Possible Mass Shooting Averted, Hurricane Dorian, and Pets in Need


Campus police found a rifle and 2000 rounds of ammunition in a Nevada college student's car. The police say they got a tip. The student reportedly told police he forgot the gun in his car. This is happening just 2 days after a college student in North Carolina was arrested for having guns in his dorm and planning a mass shooting.




If you aren't preparing for hurricane Dorian then you should be. It's predicted to get up to a category 4 storm, and the exact place its expected to hit on our east side isn't clear. The governor has declared a state of emergency for every county in Florida. If you see any business price gouging you can download the “Florida No Scam App” or call the price gouging hotline. Monday is the most likely day for landfall.

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If you want to do a good deed, the Humane Society of North Central Florida is trying to get all of their animals in temporary homes before the hurricane hits. They are anticipating an influx of pets from other shelters before the storm and need the space. Those shelters are expecting a wave of displaced pets in the wake of the storm. The animals need a home for two weeks.

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