April 8th

Japan just showed the solar system who's boss by blasting a chunk out of a space rock. The spacecraft Hayabusa2 dropped a disk filled with high explosive to make a crater in the asteroid Ryugu. In a few weeks the craft will descend and get a closer look at the hole it made.





A giant python was recently caught in the Everglades. It was record breaking for the Big Cyprus National Preserve. 140 pounds, 17 feet long, and filled with over 70 eggs. The snakes are considered a threat to native wildlife because they eat pretty much everything and nothing really eats them.



The Alachua County Commission is reportedly discussing the idea of reducing how much fertilizer you can use on your lawn. The fertilizing window would be April to June, and they're hoping it will cut down on nutrient pollution in our waterways. There will be a public hearing tomorrow at 5.


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