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April 3

All of Alachua County could be following in Gainesvilles footsteps with a plastic bag ban. There’s going to be a public hearing sometime later. If the ban goes through the council reportedly wants it to happen at the same time as Gainesville’s ban, which is in January of 2020.


Florida Power and Light reportedly wants to build the biggest renewable battery the world has ever seen by late 2021. Its supposed to be something like 100 million I phone batteries in charge power, or in more practical terms 24 hours of power for 32000 homes.


A new veggie could be hitting produce sections. It’s called caulilini and boy is it ugly. One of the spokespeople even reportedly admitted so, but its supposed to be tasty. It looks a bit like a cauliflower that isn't totally bound together. Kinda floppy. A similar vegetable is in some asian groceries and farmers markets


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