April 29th


A nightmare on Google’s Seattle campus this weekend. A construction crane fell, killing 4 and injuring 3. What exactly caused it to fall isn’t known, but its reportedly suspected that high winds knocked it over. Perhaps while the crane was being taken apart.




A dolphin whose belly was full of trash was found on a beach here in Florida recently. A shredded up balloon and two plastic bags were in there. The dolphin was reportedly euthanized. The FWC asks that if you find a stranded animal on the beach don’t try and push it back in the water. Call the FWC instead.

Fox News



GRU prices are set to go up a bit starting in May. The increase will be around $3.50 per 1000 kilo watt hours. Increases in other taxes and fees are on the reportedly on the table for the county commission.

Gainesville Sun

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