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April 2

France has apparently been dealing with a plague of Garfield shaped telephones washing up on the beach for the past few decades and nobody knew where they were coming from. It remained a mystery until recently when a farmer tipped off an environmentalist with a very french name. They went to a cave the farmer explored when he was a young man and deep within was a metal shipping container. Most of the telephones were gone, so the cat-phones will keep washing ashore, but at least the mystery seems solved.


A wildfire has consumed more than 600 acres in Northwest Florida and has caused more than 20 homes to be evacuated. Officials are reportedly saying that the spread of the fire was exacerbated by debris from hurricane Michael that is still on the ground. As of yesterday afternoon the fire is reportedly around 65% contained.


If you're a lotto player, mark in your calendar that April 15 will be an odd day. Apparently there is going to be a big system update that will mostly take place from midnight till around 10 am. It's going to make the command and control office go dark so you will have to buy your tickets before or after the update.

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