April 1

A district court judge threw a wrench in the presidents plan to allow for oil drilling in large parts of the arctic. President Trump tried to use an executive order to overturn the Obama-era executive ban on the drilling and was blocked. The judge reportedly used the reasoning that presidents can say certain areas of land cant be developed, but they don't have the power to take the protection away form protected land.



A burst of light lit up the sky on Saturday and its making trending news all over the place. It wasnt a space alien, at least that's what the man is telling us to believe, it was a reportedly just a space rock. Officials are saying that they don't know if or where it landed so there might be a new rock in your yard.





One seriously beefy alligator got removed from a commerce park in South Florida. The 750 pound alligator was considered a danger to the public so police and FWC officials tied him up and carried him off. Officials reportedly said that he is being taken to a breeding program farm, which all in all seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.


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