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When Would You Get The Coronavirus Vaccine?

For the last 6 weeks or so we have all been living a "new normal" with the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We shop differently, we take more precautions then we ever have when it comes to washing our hands, or holding a conversation with other people. There is a natural "look away" reaction when near anybody. Our social lives seems to have been tattered. In my opinion it is not bad manners, it's just the way of the world now.  When things begin opening up again lets all communicate socially like we used to.  I hope for a smooth transition, like the transition we all made during the quarantine or Stay Home orders. 

As we think of things we want or need to do on the 3-phase re-opening of our country like, shaking hands or hugging (or not), getting a hair cut and saying thank you and please when dining at a sit-down restaurant, holding the door open at Kohl's for the person behind you. It'll be like riding a bike, it'll all come back to you! 

Also top of mind for me is when a tested vaccine is available, hopefully this calendar year or 1st quarter of 2021, will I jump up first to get that vaccine?  Probably not first. That is my question to you too!  I posted an un-official poll at our Facebook page recently with the question: 

          Scientists are talking about COVID-19 Vaccines. When would you feel comfortable taking the shot? 

Nearly 500 people viewed the post with emoji's and comments. Pretty much a 10:1 Ratio of negative for taking the vaccine shot.  Considering "yes" or "no" on this topic will come up in conversations during post Coronavirus.  Please be ready for it and respect all opinions.  Be well.


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