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Coronavirus is Now A National Emergency, Do These Things Now and Repeat!

We at 106.9 I Am Country really do care about your health.  So please do not jump on the "Scare and Panic" train when it comes to Coronavirus!  Please DO over wash your hands and definitely carefully wash your cell phones.  What we have been doing in our household when washing our hands is double the amount of times we do it. It is actually becoming a good habit.   

Best practice is to use your common sense on how to prevent yourself and your family and friends from getting Coronavirus and the number one way for prevention of the virus is to wash your hands and the thing that is in your hand or you touch over 100 times a day on average is your cell phone.  So I do stress that you wash your cell phone, with care. 

The experts say 20 seconds is enough time each time you wash your hands, our caring minds here at 106.9 I Am Country say use the 30 second rule when it comes to washing your hands. Think of that extra 10 seconds as 3 or 4 extra push-ups in your work out or an extra half-mile in your run or bike ride. We are cheering you on because we truly care about your health! 

Also being aware of how to handle sneezes and coughs. Bent elbow is a clean and safe way to cough or if Kleenex is handy, use one or 3!  Please wash your hands after!  Also when out and about think about limiting actual public contact by using the 3 to 6 feet away rule. Keep in mind this Social Distancing is just temporary. 

There is a ton of information out there on Coronavirus. Here are some important, quality resources to utilize.

We honestly do care about you at 106.9 I Am Country(For Life).  We hope this information will be helpful and useful as we move forward with preventative measures in dealing with Coronavirus.

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