Vacation Friday EXTRA!


Vacation Fridays all Summer long!  Our virtual trip this week is Ocala!  Garth on the big screen at the Ocala Drive-In Saturday night! Make a weekend of it in Ocala.

EXTRA Must Do while in Ocala:

Nationally acclaimed, award winning zip lining through the canyons of central Florida. There is no property like it anywhere else in Florida. So, WHAT IS IT that makes The Canyons so different? Is it The Cliffs that make The Canyons the most sensational adventure park in Florida? Or maybe it’s the Zips at 155 feet high and 1,100 feet long. Or maybe it’s the kayaking on spring fed lakes? Or maybe it’s the mountain-like elevation changes on horseback, or soaking up the breathtaking scenery and wine on our historical tasting tours….or maybe it’s the fact that none of this should exist in Florida, but it does, and it’s ONLY HERE, at Big Cliff CANYONS ZIP LINE & ADVENTURE PARK.  Call before for rules on social distancing!  352-351-9477

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