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To Vaccine Or Not To Vaccine?

I have been coming back to the news cycle as of late because of the conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines that have been talked about. Not of interest because of the science behind it but curious of the acceptance, or if there will be mostly lack there of, of acceptance.  What I am most concerned about is the talk of when things may seem more like the old normal?  Probably never!  However it is my opinion that masks, and social distancing will not be our "forever way of life".  

But just this morning, I heard some numbers that actually made sense.  An "expert" on the news, was asked, when things might have the old normal feel to it, and paraphrasing here, he said about May, June, July and really going to feel it around September of 2021 if about 70 to 80 percent get vaccinated.  

Guess my question is have you been having the vaccinate question run through your conversations at home or at work?  Talk amongst yourselves.


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