Remzey Samarrai


Remzey L. Paul Samarrai was born, raised, and educated in Florida. He has been involved in local, state, and national politics for most of his life. His first elective office was as Student Body President of Boyd H. Anderson High School in Lauderdale Lakes. He continued his student political activities at the University of Florida where he was a Dorm President, Student Senator, and finally Student Senate President. He graduated with honors as the University of Florida National Alumni Association’s Student Leader of the Year. He is also a member of Florida Blue Key and Delta Upsilon Fraternity.

Remzey was appointed by President Bush as Special Assistant for Nuclear Affairs, where he was stationed at the Department of State. He worked to implement national policies concerning WMDs, Nuclear Proliferation, and “Verification, Implementation, and Compliance” which was the enforcement and investigative bureau policing international adherence to various arms treaties such as the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT). Mr. Samarrai concentrated mostly on Syria, North Korea, and Iran with some significant work on the Non-Aligned Nations, such as Brazil, Burma, New Zealand, and Egypt. During his five years at State, he authored numerous papers, the most important being, Deconstructing National Educational Systems to Predict Proliferation; After Ikle, What Next?; and, A Matrix of Nuclear Proliferation: Finding the Linchpins to Derail Illegal Nuclear Activity.